Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Susie Rachele Invites You To Try Buttermilk Kitchen's New Brunch Menu

Buttermilk Kitchen General Manager Susie Rachele is excited to invite everyone to check out Chef Suzanne Vizethann's latest brunch offerings at Buttermilk Kitchen. These brunch specials are only served on Saturdays and Sundays, so make sure you find time on the weekends to drop by to try these new treats. Buttermilk Kitchen is almost always packed on weekends and these delicious brunch specials are partly to blame.

If you'd like to try something new at Buttermilk Kitchen besides your favorite comfort dishes, Chef Suzanne's new brunch menu is sure to surprise you. Always creative and excellent in her culinary techniques, Chef Suzanne rightfully maintains her place as one of the best chefs in Atlanta with the following brunch creations:
  • Grapefruit Honey Scone served with vanilla honey and thyme-citrus butter
  • Cornbread Bacon Pancakes served with pecan-rosemary brittle, bourbon barrel aged syrup, and sea salt butter
  • Barbacoa Short Rib Hash served with guacamole, purple sweet potato, cilantro, and two farm eggs served your way
  • Muffuletta, an olive salad with provolone, prosciutto, farm greens, and house rosemary-focaccia, served with mixed greens or house-cut fries
All four new brunch items are guaranteed to adhere to Buttermilk Kitchen's locavore philosophy, being made from ingredients sourced from local famers and vendors.

The Cornbread Bacon Pancakes are a must-try, and have already received rave reviews from regular and new diners alike. Buttermilk Kitchen gets its fill of deep smoky-flavored bacon from Benton's Country Hams in Madisonville, TN. Benton's County Hams are the perfect combination with Buttermilk Kitchen's house made pimento cheese.

In the end, regardless of which brunch item you choose, you'll find that the time you spend at Buttermilk Kitchen with loved ones will always be worth it.

If you have any questions about the new brunch menu such as allergy concerns, please feel free to contact Buttermilk Kitchen's General Manager Susie Rachele.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Susie Rachele Gives a Sneak Peek Of Buttermilk Kitchen's Chicken And Waffles

Chicken and waffles—the combination may strike someone who isn't familiar with traditional Southern cooking as a strange and exotic pairing, but as Buttermilk Kitchen is known to whip up delectable, carefully balanced dishes every time, one might ask, "What could possibly go wrong?" Buttermilk Kitchen's General Manager Susie Rachele shares a little of what makes Chef Suzanne Vizethann's chicken and waffles special from all the rest: pecan crumble and Sriracha butter.

While the true origin of the chicken and waffles concept has been debated about to no end (it's still a traditional Southern dish for many historians), there's no denying how well these two dishes go together. Just imagine the balance created by two opposites coming together, complementing one another—the sweet and the salty, the soft and the crunchy—one truly has to try this dish first to understand its appeal.

The chicken and waffles pairing at Buttermilk Kitchen are unfortunately not part of the regular menu, but many diners and loyal foodies are crossing their fingers that it soon will be. One lucky customer, Tanya R. Edwards, was all praises in her review of Buttermilk Kitchen's chicken and waffles sampling, raving about the seasonings, batter, and all the ingredients working well together. Edwards hails from Los Angeles and is no stranger to the famous Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. "No one has gotten it right until now," she said. Everyone at Buttermilk Kitchen is, of course, thrilled by the hot reception of the new item, including General Manager Susie Rachele.

True to Buttermilk Kitchen fashion, they have put their own unique twist to the chicken and waffles concept. With the addition of a pecan crumble and Sriracha butter, there's no doubt that Buttermilk Kitchen's chicken and waffles will soon become a favorite of many Atlanta diners.

For inquiries on when the dish will become a staple, please feel free to contact General Manager Susie Rachele.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Susie Rachele on Buttermilk Kitchen: It's Like Eating in Grandma's Kitchen

Susie Rachele on Buttermilk Kitchen: It's Like Eating in Grandma's Kitchen

For Susie Rachele, Buttermilk Kitchen isn't just a place for excellent brunch selections or a delectable lunch menu. Buttermilk Kitchen is a place where you feel right at home the moment you step inside. It's like going to Nana's for her special biscuits (made from a secret recipe she wouldn't share with anyone else but you), or her home cooked meals ready to comfort you when you've had a trying day.

The quaint interiors, with wooden chairs and tables and walls adorned with photos, gives BK a warm, homey ambiance. And for those who love dining al fresco, you'll appreciate the dining space right on the porch! In a word, Susie Rachele says, going to Buttermilk Kitchen is like coming home for Nana's comfort food.

The friendly staff, from the servers to the chefs, will always make you feel welcome—like you're family coming home for a visit. Its founder and Executive Chef, Suzanne Vizethann, also personally sees to it that every order is made according to the kitchen's strictest and highest standards. Oh, and don't be surprised if you see Chef Suzanne going from table to table to thank you for coming and to ask if there is anything else that you need. That's how we do it at BK—first-class treatment all the way.

If you're planning to visit soon, make sure to come early as the tables fill up pretty quickly and there usually is a long waiting line outside. While the lines may be long, and you may have to wait a few minutes, Susie Rachele says and knows that BK is worth the wait!

If you'd like to learn more about Buttermilk Kitchen, from their chefs to local farmers that they support, to their menu selections, please visit their official website.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Susie Rachele Talks about BK's Advocacy to Support Local Farmers

Susie Rachele Talks about BK's Advocacy to Support Local Farmers

When I first joined Buttermilk Kitchen, what immediately impressed me was the passion and dedication of the whole BK team to deliver only the freshest and most delectable food to their customers while also supporting local farmers. My name is Susie Rachele, and for years, we at Buttermilk Kitchen have been strictly adhering to our mission and vision of providing healthy food to our customers by using sustainable, local ingredients sourced from farmers. We also strive to make sure that we choose farmers with practices that share our beliefs on the humane treatment of animals.

For instance, White Oak Pastures, from which we get our eggs and beef, raises free-range chickens and grass-fed cows; Southern Swiss Dairy, from which we get our fresh milk supplies, are adamant against using growth hormones and strictly adheres to the ethical treatment of cows. Just as we at BK take great care in selecting whole, organic ingredients for our dishes, the local farmers that we support also take extra care in following ethical rules about the humane treatment of animals. And this is what sets us apart from other kitchens in Atlanta, GA.

At Buttermilk Kitchen, everyone is family.

What inspires me most about BK is the strong sense of community that everyone on the team has. I must admit that this strong family bond is what keeps me, Susie Rachele, at BK. And this sense of family isn't restricted to the BK team only; it extends to all the local farmers that supply our kitchen with all the ingredients and food products that we need at BK. Add to this mix our loyal patrons—regular customers we see practically every day—and what you have at Buttermilk Kitchen is one family coming together for a good meal, good laughs, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging.

Please watch out for my future updates about Buttermilk Kitchen. This is Susie Rachele, once again. Thanks for dropping by!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Susie Rachele Invites You for Sunday Brunch at Buttermilk Kitchen

Susie Rachele Invites You for Sunday Brunch at Buttermilk Kitchen

This is Susie Rachele, General Manger of Buttermilk Kitchen, inviting you and your family to have a splendid Sunday Brunch here at our homey locavore restaurant located in Roswell Road. Don't be fooled by our bright blue exteriors and seemingly upbeat facade; once you step inside our farmhouse chic space and settle in, you'll realize that Buttermilk Kitchen is the best, relaxing place to be at on a lazy weekend morning.

If it's ridiculously good Southern fare you're looking for, we definitely have plenty of that in our kitchen. Our weekend brunch specials have been the topic of many reviews, frequently the talk of town since the first day we opened our doors. While one may think that Buttermilk Kitchen derives its popularity from Chef Suzanne Vizethann of Chopped fame, all one really needs to do to be convinced of the hype is to try our menu for him or herself. One bite of our famous juicy chicken biscuit with pepper jelly, and his or her fate could very well be sealed!

Apart from our scrumptious chicken biscuits, our other specialties include French toast, pimento cheese grits, and, of course, fluffy buttermilk pancakes. What makes our dishes worth lining up for is no secret—we are proud to share that we use as many local ingredients available in Atlanta to whip up heaven on a plate. It may sound strange, but the very best dishes are really anchored in the quality and freshness of ingredients used, coming together in their simplicity to create something magical.

In a way, Buttermilk Kitchen is indeed magical, for proving time and time again that there is such a place where great food, excellent service, and thoughtfulness towards the local economy can all be found together. I'm Susie Rachele and I hope to see you and your family at Buttermilk Kitchen soon.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Celebrate Buttermilk Kitchen's 4th Anniversary with Chef Suzanne Vizethann, GM Susie Rachele

Celebrate Buttermilk Kitchen's 4th Anniversary with Chef Suzanne Vizethann, GM Susie Rachele

This October is a special month for us here at Buttermilk Kitchen. This is Susie Rachele by the way, General Manger of this charming breakfast and lunch concept situated at Roswell Road in Atlanta, and I'm thrilled to announce that Buttermilk Kitchen turns four years old this first week of October. How time has flown!

In the spirit of celebration, Buttermilk Kitchen has prepared some exciting surprises as a token of gratitude for all those years of support; our 100th customer will surely be in for a treat! Four years in, of this unbelievable journey of serving fresh and local ingredients to foodies, families, and diners in Atlanta, there are many reasons to believe that Buttermilk Kitchen is just getting started with the locavore, farm to table movement!

Whether it's our famous all day breakfasts creations or our weekend brunch specials, you can rest assured we're always on the lookout for ways to make things better. Making food from scratch has always been Buttermilk Kitchen's pride and joy and we're always happy to buy from and support local businesses to help us come up with an unforgettable Southern meal. Somehow, the milk is creamier and the vegetables are crispier when you know where these had come from and who the people are behind them.

This weekend, we'd love nothing more than to have you over at Buttermilk Kitchen. As October is a special month to us, so too do we want your visit to our homey place to be equally special and memorable. This fourth anniversary is not just Buttermilk Kitchen's event alone to celebrate—it is yours as well!

Join us as we celebrate four years of bringing locally sourced and delicious food to all of our customers. I'm Susie Rachele and I would be glad entertain any questions you may have about Buttermik Kitchen and our menu.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Try a Truly Fancy Fried Chicken Dinner

Just How Fancy Can Fried Chicken Be?

Everyone loves to brag on their best recipe, the meal that is always a winner, no matter how simple. One of the most popular go-to dishes seems to be fried chicken. It seems like everyone has a secret recipe that makes their fried chicken the best that was ever created, but when you take a bite of it with the highest anticipation and expectations, you are somewhat surprised to learn that it tastes like most fried chicken: crispy on the outside and moist and soft inside.

So when Buttermilk Kitchen announces its Fancy Fried Chicken Dinner that happens only once a month, it may be that some people will merely note its occurrence and think nothing more about it. Sadly, those type of people are really missing out on something that is not only out of the ordinary, but tastes out of this world!

What the insiders know about FFCD (their code name for Fancy Fried Chicken Dinner) is that it is an event that should not be missed or must be experienced at least once in one’s lifetime. While Buttermilk Kitchen is known as one of the most popular dining concepts in Atlanta, Georgia, serving breakfast and lunch from Tuesday through Friday, as well as breakfast and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, it is their Fancy Fried Chicken Dinner event that really gets patrons even more excited and lining up to be one of the lucky attendees for this limited event that has one serving and offers four outstanding courses.

For instance, their June 2016 FFCD event was entitled “Fiesta Like There is No Manana” and featured a Spanish style menu that included a starter course of guacamole and salsa, which was then followed by a street corn salad. The third course featured an original fried chicken mole and the grand finale features a glazed fruit and cinnamon cake topped with whipped cream.

If you want to get in on this extremely popular happening that sells out fast, it is recommended that you call the general manager, Susie Rachele, at 678-732-3274 or visit their website at today!